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Easy To Use
Big Button Mobile Phones for Seniors

Innovative & Easy to Use Big Button Mobile Phones For The Elderly & Vision Impaired.

Big Button Mobile Phones Like No Other

Ease of use meets stylish design.


Screen Size
QVGA 320*240
3G Bands
Battery Size
3.5mm earphone Jack

Big Buttoned Phones Don't Have to be Dumb

Our big button mobile phones blend smart features with ease of use. It’s an all-round performer suited to the unique needs of seniors, the vision and hearing impaired and children.

With Opel Mobile big button phones you’ll get all the apps and functionality you expect from a phone, with thoughtful inclusions like big buttons, SOS and streamlined navigation to name a few.

You will be very happy if you purchase this product, you can place it anywhere, and MY it rings so loud unlike the smart phones that you wont hear ringing while the vacuum cleaner is on


Product Review

Big Button Mobile Phones for Seniors

Do you have a phone at home that your elderly or visually-impaired family member can operate with ease? If not, you need one. Here’s why — phones are not just a communication avenue but also a safety feature, giving your loved ones a lifeline to medical assistance in the event of an accident or health problem.

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So if you have an elderly relative or a family member with vision loss, it’s worth looking into phones like Opel Mobile big button phones that are specially adapted for their use.

Big Button Phones for Seniors That Go Far Beyond the Ease-of-Use

With Opel Mobile big button phones for the elderly, it’s much more than just the ease-of-operation. They come with a bundle of amazing features and thoughtful inclusions that even some regular phones don’t have.

Along with large buttons that are easy to see and press, our phone models for seniors are equipped with a special in-built SOS button that allows a super quick access to caregivers during an emergency situation. So you can have the peace of mind knowing that your loved ones can reach you in times of need.

With their M4/T4 hearing aid compatibility and extra-loud built-in speakers, Opel Mobile big button phones can be easily used by people with hearing problems — they can receive hands-free calls or even tune in to their favourite radio stations via the phone’s FM radio player.

Worried about connectivity? Our big button phones are 3G network unlocked which means they will work on any 3G network.

Big Button Phones are Ideal for Vision Impaired

Mobile use can be a little challenging for someone with a bad vision, but choosing a phone like Opel Mobile big button phones can make it easier for them. Be it someone with complete vision loss or bad eyesight, a senior with poor visibility or someone young with vision problems, our mobile phones have plenty of features suited to their unique needs.

The large keypads enable them to type or dial numbers easily, while the extra-loud built-in speakers create amplified audio, making it far easier to hear. The talking keypad reads aloud the buttons that are pressed and call out numbers as they are dialled.

Big Button Mobile Phones for Seniors Blend Form and Functionality

With Opel big button mobile phones, you get all the apps and functionalities you expect from a phone — all packed into a compact body. The phones have in-built camera and can be easily connected to other devices via Bluetooth. So your loved ones can capture precious memories and share them with others. Our big button mobile phones also recharge quickly in the included quick charging cradle.

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